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from Traci, Poneto, IN                                                                         6/05/13

Your garlic is wonderful!

from Mary, Tok, AK                                                                            8/26/12

Terri, I wanted to let you know about how the garlic you sold me turned out. The Nootka Rose was stellar. Every clove that I planted produced. I've kept some for use but most of it went into the ground about a week ago for harvest next year. The Susanville wasn't as productive, but I was able to plant about 20 cloves. I'm interested to see how they overwinter and I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all your help. Mary

from William, Anchorage, AK                                                              8/21/12

Gosh yes, you folks are great. Am looking forward to this years fall
planting. Many thanks, Terri.

from Kim, Danvers, MA                                                                       8/12/12

I just wanted to let you know we just harvested our garlic.  About 150 heads of them.  The are beautiful and all my friends are very jealous.  I just love your garlic, it has purple stripes.  Love it !!!! Thanks :)

from Theresa, Parma Heights, OH                                                      8/08/12

Hello Terri:  I just love your garlic and would not order from any other place.  Can't wait to receive it, as I ordered some different varieties this time around.  Thanks, Theresa

from Gosta, Lavallette, NJ                                                                 8/03/12

Hi Terri, Am ready, willing , able and anxious. Send Away!

from Liz, Lincoln, NE                                                                         8/02/12

We received the Garlic of the Month Club last year as a gift for our wedding show and loved it so much my husband decided he wanted the larger package for his birthday. We are looking forward to the delicious garlic!   Liz

from Ken, Vashon, WA                                                                      7/28/12

Thanks Terri, We hope to order more from you next season to replace stock that we have had growing for a number of years. Some of our stock came from my wife's family farm in Iowa.
We are making garlic powder and have been fro a couple of years. I'm using your method as per the web site. I must say, it has been a hit with family and friends we have gifted. I may have to expand our grow beds. At the moment, we have harvested about 150 each year. A friend says it's the best garlic she has ever had and that it lasts longer than the store bought.
Thanks again for what you all are doing. Ken, Vashon, WA.

from LaRea, Wood Village, OR                                                          7/25/12

Wow!  You guys are great to do business with.  This is awesome.  Checks in the mail!

from Michael, Houston, TX                                                              7/18/12

Hi Terri,   Thanks so much for all of your help ! Best, Michael

from Ruth, Harrisville, MI                                                                   7/16/12

2011 garlic order has been harvested.  Wow!  It did great.  I had two of the cloves split and produce not one but two blubs.  I am enjoying the fresh garlic.  Looking forward to my next order in the fall.  Just wanted to let you know how well the garlic did here in hot dry northern Michigan.  We sure need the rain.  Ruth

from Justin, Gorham, ME                                                                   7/15/12

Our pleasure! Thanks, Justin

from Nancy, Dayton, NV                                                                      7/14/12

You are welcome, Terri! And thank you for your garlic offerings! I saw that some of your speciality garlic was already sold out. Next year I will try to remember to get a little earlier start on thinking about planting my garlic. Your selection and service are awsome! Many thanks and well done! Nancy

from Melissa, Stanwood, WA                                                              7/11/12

Thanks Terri!  I'm so excited to grow garlic.  I got referred to your place from Seattle Seed Company.  I love ordering stuff from our local vendors.  I'm betting you'll be getting more orders since garlic scapes seem to be the latest foodie thing right now.  :)  Have a great day!  Melissa

from Maureen, Twin Lakes, WI                                                           7/07/12

Terri-I am so glad that I ordered early this year. Last year I was late and had little choice as to what kind I could get. This year I wanted the ones with the longest storage life, which I was able to get by ordering this early. Maureen

From Linda, Lilburn, GA                                                                      7/01/12

Terri, thanks so much. I really appreciate your advice. Glad I ordered the right things! Thanks again... Linda

from Mary, Willimantic, CT                                                                  7/01/12

Hi, I am harvesting beautiful softnecks that you sent to me last fall. They are hanging to dry in my garage. I plan to teach a garlic braiding class in Sept. - to about 10 folks. They're really terrific garlics, and you have a lovely website. What a profound joy to be working in the shadow of the mountain ...

Thank you again   Mary

from Bill,Anchorage, AK                                                                      6/27/12

Thank You, Terri. Glad I found you folks. You have a good selection of garlic. Best of luck with your harvest and shipping. Cheers, Bill

from Cindy, Clayton, GA                                                                     6/20/12
Hi Terri, I'm excited to get started growing some garlic...looking very much forward to it! I really appreciate all the information on your site and all your hard work making healthy garlic available to all of us! Thank you! Cindy

from Sandria, Sonora CA                                                                    6/15/12
Hi Terri,   Thanks for your prompt response. I ordered some seed garlic from you a couple of years ago and it was excellent.    Sandria

from Pat, Durham NC                                                                          6/13/12
Terri, It is always a pleasure planting your garlic. I would like to tell you about a project my wife and I are doing. We are extending our growing by 3/4 of an acre to grow food for donation to food banks and some local programs to get good food to people who need it. Thanks for your time and looking forward to planting for next year.

from Celeste, Junction City, OR                                                         6/13/12
Just wanted to say, thanks for the info., and what a terrific website this is!

from Traci, Poneto IN. Reply from Traci after signing up for the Garlic of The Month.                                                                                                  6/12/12
Thank YOU for growing such wonderful garlic!  :)
We love it love it love it !!!  I can't believe this will be our 3rd year already!  Have a great summer Terri!

from Marisa, Albuquerque NM                                                             6/12/12
Thanks Terri, That makes lots of sense. I read a post that used the towel to remoisten, but I was thinking why couldn't I just braid when the leaves go limp? So your answer helped out a lot! (See FAQ's page under Garlic Braids) I am so excited! So, two years ago I purchased seed from you all and planted and saved seed from that and then purchased some susanville last year and planted. I am leasing a 1/2 acre this year and plan on moving from my community garden plot where I planted your seed to my new place.   I love growing garlic. Thank you for the best seed, and the inspiration, and as always your speedy emails with my questions.  Take care, Marisa

from David, Minneapolis, MN                                                               6/08/12    
Thanks much!  This will be my third fall planting garlic and I am really excited about these varieties. David

from Nancy, Oregon City, OR                                                                  5/24/12
The garlic seed that I bought from you are doing awesome!!!

from Allen, Brentwood, NH                                                                   4/06/12 Thanks Terri,
Last years plantings are starting to look beautiful. They are about 5" high.

from Morry, Portland, OR                                                                      2/06/12
Good news, hope we don't have a late freeze, but my garlic starts are up and flourishing.  remulched just in case. truly looking forward to my first harvest!

from Jack, St Louis, MO                                                                          1/04/12
I hope all is well and the crops are happy. You know, You might have the best garlic farm around. When we compared notes. Your garlic was the biggest and best looking. You farm pictures are beautiful. Hope you have a great 2012.  

from Scott, Brookfield, IL                                                                     12/08/11
Terri, thanks for your help and your great communication; I have had nothing but a great experience with your business. 

from Sharon, Phoenix, AZ                                                                     11/18/11
Thank you so much Terri for your expert advice.  I will certainly follow your guidelines for watering. And, again thank you for raising such amazing garlic!

from Sharon, Phoenix, AZ                                                                    11/17/11
I purchased a variety pack of garlic from Hood River Garlic and planted it in a raised bed this week.  Beautiful heads of garlic and cloves!  Kudos to your growing techniques!! 

from Wendy, Brooklyn, NY - Garlic of The Month Member                   10/29/11 Just a note to say, I am deeply enjoying your garlic:) best, Wendy

from James, Corvallis, OR                                                                     10/17/11
The garlic came on Saturday and is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thanks so much!  Got some in the ground on Saturday and getting the rest in on Thursday!

from Kim, Danvers, MA                                                                         10/07/11 Good doing business with you, your garlic is gold!!!! It arrived last night these are beauties !!!!

from Kathy, Placerville, CA                                                                  10/04/11
Just a quick note to let you know the garlic arrived yesterday and is absolutely beautiful, the best I have ever seen!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. Now, if I can only get mine to grow as well. Will follow your directions and keep my fingers crossed. I have passed your web site on to friends.   Happy harvest, Kathy

from Gaynor, Addy, WA                                                                          9/25/11

terri, got it, thank u much. smells so good i gotta plant it quick .......so it isn't..uh...consumed !      insert smiley face

from Kim                                                                                                 9/09/11

We bought the same garlic last year and grew it with much success and everyone loved it.  We have 25 more heads for winter cooking and told everyone we ran out !! Thanks Kim

from Liz, Portland, OR                                                                            9/06/11
Thank you! I grew your Chesnok Red two years ago and it was fantastic, but I had to give away most of my harvest because I went out of the country unexpectedly! Can't wait to actually reap the full benefit this year :) Liz

from Tracy, Fair Oaks, CA                                                                       8/31/11
We had great success with your garlic last year and look forward to another bountiful harvest to share with friends and family! Tracy

from Michele, Mollalla, OR - dedicated customer since Sept. 2007        8/29/11
Thanks Terri!  I had used my own seed garlic last year in a smaller bed because our garden is in a state of renovation (eventually it will be all permanent raised beds!)  The cloves were nice and big and healthy.   But... due to the weather, soil conditions or whatever, it was a miserably small harvest.  I didn't lose any plants, they are all just tiny!!  
So I'm back!!  Well, I want to try new varieties too :)  I look forward to your awesome seed garlic, this year everything will be set up just right for it.  Soil tested, boosted and the whole bit. 

from Kathy, Placerville, CA                                                                     8/24/11
Thanks Terri. Isn't it great when the fruits of our labor make us proud?  Appreciate all that you do!  Can't wait to try them. Happy Harvest! Kathy

from Alan, Lovingston, VA                                                                      8/24/11
Hi Terry, Thanks for the update! What we got last year from you sure turned out nice for us this year (our 1st year), now we are expanding abit. Alan

from Barbara, Durham, ME                                                                     8/21/11
I ordered from you the first time last year.  The harvest this year was great.     I just have to remember to early sooner next summer to have more choices!  

from Tami, Exeter, RI                                                                             8/17/11
Thanks Terri, I just finished harvesting my first order. I am so surprised at out easy and fun it is to grow garlic. We tried some Chesnok Red in a pasta dish last week and it is delicious. I can hardly wait to grow more to sell, share and EAT.  

from Fred, Newman Lake, WA                                                                8/14/11

Terry,  I am saving some of the garlic that I harvested this year for seed for next year’s crop, so I selected some different varieties.  I was surprised how well it did this year in spite of the cooler wetter spring.  The only thing that I noticed was that it took longer to brown down to harvest.  I didn’t even start to harvest until the middle of July.  Take care. Fred

A loyal & appreciative customer

from Deb, Cranston, RI                                                                           8/11/11

I did receive the garlic last week, the garlic is awesome as usual. It is the best!!  Thank You.

from Tim Thompson, Ellicott City, MD                                                     8/10/11

Thanks, Terri.  My wife and I are 100% satisfied with the garlic we planted last year.  The garlic is fabulous!  Every clove we planted came up and produced a bulb of garlic, and we only lost 2 cloves due to my clumsiness during the harvest!  Plus your website guided us through the entire planting, growing, and harvest seasons!  Hood River Garlic has definitely exceeded my expectations!   Nice job!  Thanks, Tim

from Nancy, Boulder, CO                                                                         8/03/11

Thank you Terri, We are thrilled to be able to plant your garlic this fall. Thank you Thank you.  Nancy

from Marisa, Albuquerque NM                                                                8/03/11

You're welcome Terri! I just want to share with you my first small garlic harvest all the way in NM. I grew 48 bulbs at a Community Garden in Albuquerque, NM that is sponsored by the Rio Grande Community Farm. I am saving seed from my harvest, and this year I am trying the soft neck so I can try some braiding.  I just followed your directions and looked over and over at your photos and had a blast. I sent them to my friends and everyone loved them.  Thanks for the inspiration. Marisa Wagner

from Matt, Seattle, WA                                                                         8/01/11

Last year I didn't get an order ready in time and had to order from someone else when you guys were sold out.  Definitely regret that!  Looking forward to another year of Hood River Garlic.

from Patty, Sandy Valley, NV                                                                  7/26/11

Thanks , Terri. I bought your garlic 2 years ago, and it was great, the best.  The Susanville was so beautiful, my neighbors still talk about it. I didn’t get your seed stock last year because you were sold out, & bought my seed garlic from another source..... there was no comparison. This year’s harvest was not as good as the harvest I had with your product. I will stick with your company from here on out. Thanks for a great product.   Patty

from Cathy, Northfield, NJ                                                                    7/14/11

Thanks Terri!  Your garlic is always great.  Just passed your website onto a friend who wants to expand her selection.

from Mike, O'Fallon, MO                                                                          7/10/11

Terri, Harvested my first garlic, thanks for all the advice last summer, it all looks great.  Mike

from Eldon, Glencoe, MN                                                                       7/03/11

You are quite welcome.  I am a repeat customer because your have been a good supplier in the past.  I believe I have posted my satisfaction to Dave's Garden in the past and will be happy to do so again in September.
Frankly, my weekend will be spent weeding my garden which is not my favorite activity but it needs to be done. Thank you, Eldon

from Bill, Ravenna, OH                                                                            6/29/11

With a harvest like this, I will always be back...:)

from Meg McKay, Decherd, TN                                                                6/26/11

I just wanted to let you know that I harvested my crop of garlic today and it is absolutely stunning!! This is my first year growing garlic and all of my friends were amazed that I was even attempting garlic. Everyone said how hard it was to grow and that it wouldn't grow well in the clay we have here in Tennessee. I admit after all that nay-saying I was nervous about the time and money I spent. I did amend my soil with compost, sand , and some peat...but your growing intructions are very informative and helpful. And today, I harvest 52 beautiful heads of garlic and almost 1/4 of those heads were about the size of my hand. I will definately be ordering again for this fall and I am going to try to plant a few of my best heads. Thanks again for adding to the success of my garden this year!! Best wishes, Meg McKay

from Meg McKay, Decherd, TN                                                                6/27/11

[I have been cooking in fine dining restaurants for about 14 years now and I am waiting the 2 week curing time before I show off to the chef of my current job :) I know he is going to be extra jealous. He is lucky that I share.] But I have to say that growing your garlic is just as exciting to me as my heirloom potatoes and peanuts...because I wait all season to dig my beauties and see what the earth has given me. I would have a blast digging garlic at your farm. Thank you again for your beautiful produce and it's delicious, healthy and gorgeous. I will be ordering for this fall really soon. Meg

from Linda, Lilburn, GA                                                                          6/21/11

You are welcome, Terri and thank you too. I missed last year because I waited too long and you were sold out. "Great!", I said. "They should be sold out!" But I vowed not to miss out this year. Have  a wonderful summer.   Linda

from Dave, Silver Spring, MD                                                                  5/26/11

Hi, Terri! I promised I would send you some photos and I've finally got some. All these plants are in Gardener's Supply "Grow Bags"...
You're welcome to use any of them if you like. As you can see, I've got some in my front yard and some in the back. Clearly the ones in the front get more sun but both sets are healthy and are about the same size.
Again I live in Silver Spring, Md. just outside Washington DC. I have better luck growing this way as there's a huge "swamp" maple in the back that prevents me from putting much in the ground.  Dave

from Diane, Garden Valley, ID                                                                5/23/11

Thank you Terri,  Can’t wait, it will be awesome!

from Ken, Palatine, IL                                                                             5/02/11

You're welcome. Getting a personal thank-you for making an online purchase is unusual--and appreciated!

from Susan                                                                                                4/7/11 Last years garlic purchased from you is looking wonderful so far - despite the long, cold, snowy winter-!!!  Looking forward to harvest and Fall's replanting-!
ThankU-!  Suzn

from George, Rye, NY                                                                             3/26/11


from Tim, Ellicott City, MD                                                                     3/24/11

Thanks, Terri.  I want to tell you that I was very pleased with the quality of the garlic I received last summer.  It looks like 100% of the cloves I planted have come up and are all looking very healthy.  Your web site has a wealth of useful information on it, especially the calendar of how to care for your garlic plants throughout the year.  Nice job!    best regards, Tim

from Traci, Ft Wayne, IN                                                                         3/15/11

Great, thank you!  We really love your garlic!!
Plus, it gives me more room in my garden to plant other things! Traci

from Karen, Freehold, NJ                                                                         2/18/11

Terri & Eric - I ordered Zemo, Red Rezan, and Chesinok Red from you in 2009.  First harvest last July, and I am still grinning from ear to ear eating this scrumptious garlic!  Kudos for such great seed stock.  So far they have stored for nearly 7 months in the mostly enclosed gazebo; only have maybe 20 bulbs left, but all have stored well.  I keep looking to see if the new garlic is coming up yet through the straw and snow! we still have here in NJ.  I was a little late in getting it into the ground...so I am hoping that it will be OK.  Again, many thanks for the great garlic!  My friends cannot believe the flavor - when I actually do share it - haha! 

from Phil, Austin, TX                                                                              11/10/10 Terri,   the garlic is excellent thank you. Phil

from Nicholas, Mount Sinai, NY                                                             11/04/10

thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will gladly take whatever
garlic you have. my dad as ordered from you guys in the past and had
nothing but great things to say about your garlic. thankyou and look
forward to future business with your compnay. sincerely, nicholas

from Shiryle, Mays Landing, NJ                                                             10/22/10
I received the garlic-beautiful!  Thanks.  We are looking forward to a June/July tasting. Shiryle

from Mozelle, San Diego CA                                                                   9/29/10

Hi, Terri. Thanks so much for your response and description of the garlic.  I now see the difference. I appreciate your great customer service (It's a rare thing these days) and am glad that your business is flourishing.  I look forward to some great garlic this February. Mozelle

from Anita, Oak Harbor, WA                                                                   9/24/10

Thanks again Terri. This isn't exactly what I wanted to buy, but by cricky I was determined to buy from you this year! I was so pleased to find you when I did a Google search and I love and agree with your attitude on the planet, I wish there were more farmers (and back yard gardeners) like you! We do a big family garden here on the island and we look forward to sharing your story with everyone. Cheers! Anita

from Casey, Terre Hill, PA                                                                      9/23/10

sooooo stoked!!   y'all rock.

from Traci, Poneto, IN                                                                           9/21/10

Hi Terri! I just wanted to tell you we LOVE your garlic!  Now we know what we've been missing!!  It is so good! Thank you!

from Guy and Terri, Parma OH                                                             9/11/10

Wow, what a Beautiful batch of garlic you sent us.Thank you so very much.The heads on the Transylvanian are huge.Today we went out to the country to turn up and fertilize our garden at my mother-in-laws place.It's gonna be alot of fun planting this year.Can't wait.Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks Again!   Best Regards, Guy and Terri

from Rita, Carlton, MN                                                                          9/08/10

Hi Terri - I received my order yesterday and it all looks great.  We are looking forward to planting and even more so to harvesting next year.  I only hope we can resist using these seed garlics for dinner!
Thanks so much, Rainbow Rita

from James, Watertown, CT                                                                9/07/10

Got both of my orders today and it all looks fantastic!!! Thank you!

from Joe, Rochester, IN                                                                       9/07/10

Thank you!   We love your product.   Joe

from Renee, Edgewater Park, NJ                                                        9/06/10

HI, I just wanted to say thank you for this email.  I wasn't thrilled about having to order garlic from so far away, but i love the personal attention of the non-form letter response to my order. Well done!

from Mary, Jackson, WY                                                                    9/02/10

Thanks for the quick response.  I soooo love your garlic, just harvested the best crop ever!!  I look forward to my new batch.  Thank, Mary

from Barbara, Goodyear, AZ                                                              8/24/10

Terri...I got the garlic delivered and it is wonderful!!   I was so excited I took a bulb from one of the braids and roasted it!!! Marvelous!!  Now I will treasure having it everytime I cook with garlic or use it fresh. Grazie!  Barbara

from Daniel                                                                                        8/23/10

Terri, Thanks for letting me know when to expect it. I really appreciated all of the information that you have on the Hood River Garlic website.  That was why I decided to order from you.  Keep up the good work.  Daniel

from Adelle, Fresno, CA                                                                   8/10/10

Terry, you are a doll. maybe I can get some more of your lovely garlic in a month...   

from Stephanie, Spotsylvania, VA                                                     8/2/10         OMG, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( email reply after telling her the Garlic of The Month is being shipped.)

from Mike, Macomb MI                                                                     7/29/10

Thanks for the GREAT service!

from Susan, Glenmoore, PA                                                            7/04/10

Terri, Great! No hurry, I planted last year's just before Thanksgiving, and am just starting to harvest a few now, which seems early to me, but who knows, since I forgot to make notes last year.  I always think I'll remember these things from year to year, but don't. My second year growing garlic (after about 35 years gardening) has been even more delightful than the first.  Was much more serious about weeding this year, and also had a perfect mulch to use at the time of planting last fall.  It's so great having those beautiful sturdy plants coming up through snow, and then growing like a superb avant-garde throughout the early planting of the garden.  They are a heartening presence.
No need to respond to this --- Just conveying my thanks.  S.

from Debra, Castle Rock, WA                                                           7/02/10
Terri,  I just harvested my garlic.  Best year I have had so far even though this is only my second.  Can you tell me what two types I received from you last year and do you suggest staying the same or changing?

from Alan, Winnemucca, NV                                                             6/21/10

I HAVE SCAPES!!!!    I'M SO EXCITED!!!  Thank you. You are the best.

from Helen, Martinez, CA                                                                6/15/10

Thank you Terri so much for this email. This is one of the many reasons why I buy from you because you always sent me such a beautiful email and really appreciates me as your customer.    Also, you spend so much time in packaging the garlic and making sure when I get them it's perfect.   I completely forgot to order early and missed out on some great ones. I need a reminder, LOL.   Best regards, Helen

from Darlene, Victoria, BC, Canada                                                  6/12/10
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your website. I've learned so much! I had many questions that have been answered. Thank you for all of your information and photos. If the border weren't a factor, I'd be ordering lots!

from Eileen, San Pablo, CA                                                                 4/19/10

Terri...Indeed I would like them to be shipped together if possible..and the extra garlic will never be turned down by me!! I have to admit I got garlic from some other place last year and it was not the same...I'm back for good!!.... Again thanks...Eileen in San Pablo.

from Dean Bois, Kensington, CT                                                           4/02/10

Hi, Just pulled some of the mulch away from the Chesnok Red and they look real good, all are sprouting and turning green with the nice sunshine. Dean

from Phil Smith, Duluth, GA                                                                 2/08/10

We love your garlic, Terri... We'll always order from you. I feel that your seed is the best and safest for us to use. Glad you are in the business!

from Robert Brooks, Eastford, CT                                                       11/13/09

Thanks. Terri.  In case you are interested in where your garlic will be grown (and consumed), here is our web site: www.stillrivercafe.com

from Maggie Miles, Hippie Holler Farm, Elliott County, KY                 10/28/09

Terri, Just wanted you to know that I got the package of Hood River Garlic yesterday. Thanks so much--the garlic is beautiful, as always--and I love the
choices you made for me. I am excited to try some new varieties, as well as the old favorites. We will be planting the garlic sometime before Thanksgiving.  I try to plant by the signs, but the weather always trumps the signs.  Thanks again.  I know you made a special effort for me, and I appreciate it--and you! Maggie

from Bill and Eva Kresge, Tonasket, WA                                             10/25/09
Hi Terri, Just wanted to let you know that the garlic arrived early in the week. I got to town on Thursday and put it in the ground that afternoon. I had not expected it to be so beautiful since you seemed to have sold out of just about everything. Thought we'd be getting something a little less than premium, premium grade. I was wrong, everything you sent was gorgeous and reminded me of how much further we have to go to make it into the big leagues of gourmet garlic growers. Thanks again, we are delighted to have found you and your farm.
For now, we remain the "Not Ready For Prime Time Growers," Bill and Eva


from Richard, Cambridge UK                                                             10/13/09
Many thanks for your fantastic service. Best wishes, Richard

from Phil, Duluth, GA                                                                       10/08/09

Hi Terri: Got the Red Toch and Susanville yesterday! They are so huge!
Thank you! All the best, Phil

from Ruth, Bloomfield, NY                                                               10/03/09

Just wanted you to know we received our garlic and we are most pleased with everything.  I cannot wait until next summer when these beauties are ready for harvest. Thank you for the neat packing, and guide and thank you for growing organically you don't know how blessed we are for farmers like you. Keep up the good work!

from Linda, Lilburn, GA                                                                     10/02/09

Hi Terri, Well, I was getting pretty excited about planting the garlic, I have to admit, especially since the garden is looking...well...Fallish. I see the USPS notice in my email! Thank you so much, Terri.   You have a great weekend too! Linda   PS I always tell people about Hood River Garlic because I know they will like it as much as I do.

from Zack, Bernardsville, NJ                                                             10/01/09

The garlic arrived and I can't wait to start planting again. This is my third year of growing garlic in New Jersey and has been a great treat for the family.   I started with a few varieties at first; Transylvanian, Early Italian Red, Chesnok Red and some Siberian. The hardnecks are my favorite because of the scapes. They make awesome pesto...

Thanks again for the garlic- Keep in touch. 

from John, New Bloomfield, MO                                                       9/28/09

Hi Terri, got my Garlic today,, had a great harvest this summer, looking forward to our Halloween day planting with our favorite Octoberfest Beer!!!! Thanks again. John

from Cathi, Northfield, NJ                                                              9/24/09

Terri, Thanks for the note.  I should e-mail you some pics.  My garlic crop
was awesome this past year and I can't wait to put in this fall's crop. Love giving the fresh garlic to all my foodie friends - my son who loves to cook is always stopping by to take some.  I am up to 8 varieties.
Have a good winter in Oregon (one of my favorite places in the world). Cathy

from Bernard Clark, Glastonbury, CT                                                   8/10/09

Terri- Had a great first experience with Hood River Garlic. My "patch" produced some nice-sized heads which are now almost 3 weeks into the curing process. Haven't yet tasted the results of this year's harvest and am already looking forward to getting things ready for next year. Your directions and pictorial were very helpful. Our season here in zone 5-6 was probably a couple of weeks later than yours, but all went well. Andrea and I enjoyed having scapes and onion sauteed and served with balsamic vinegar as a nice side dish. Attached are a couple of shots of novice garlic farming in central Connecticut.
Bernie Clark

from Michele Haag, Molalla, OR                                                              7/31/09

Thanks again for all your help, your organic ethics, your awesome product, and your wonderful customer service.   Your loyal customer Michele Haag

from Connie Reding, Anderson, IN                                                          7/27/09

Hi Terri, Just to let you know, a couple of days ago I harvested the garlic I purchased from you last year.  I had %100 growth rate, and the bulbs look fantastic.  In other words, I am very pleased with your product, that’s why I re-ordered from you this year.  I’m already using the garlic before it’s even had a chance to “cure”.  I also harvested the scapes this year too.  I’ll be looking forward to the Sept. shipment.  Thanks for such a nice product.

from Kimberly Seekings, Wellington, OH                                                 7/15/09

Hi Terri! Thank you so much for putting the garlic calendar on your website!!!   Particularly the section where you tell people to pop their garlic scapes when they begin to curl! In the past I didn’t do this or know how to tell when to break the scapes off and my garlic heads were consequently skimpy. I ordered the Chesnok Red and I loved it. Grew nice size heads even when I neglected to keep up with the weeds. Thanks Kimberly

from LyDia Langley, formerly of Burnsville, NC                                      7/10/09

Hi Terri, Once again, I bow to your garlic prowess. Nothing I have found since your garlic has even come close to its awesomeness! We have moved back to NY, no more NC, and have set a garden which has not fared very well this year. Rain! But I would love some of your eating garlic. Any and all kinds, the more the merrier. Thanks! Lydia PS All other garlic should be renamed. ..

from Vernon Starns, Fowler, CO                                                              7/09/09

I would like to know why you plant buck wheat. Is it to improve the soil? We don't have a very large area to plant our garlic so we would like to keep the soil at it's best. I love my garlic this year! Of course I'll plant from the cloves that I'm harvesting, but I've ordered some new varieties too. I would have never thought I could become a garlic grower, but thanks to you I'm looking like a pro! I'd appreciate any input you can give me. . Thanks a lot! Vernon Starns

(see FAQ's page for answer to Vernon's question)

from Gail Brown, Bonners Ferry, ID                                                         6/01/09

Dear Terri, I have to say your email really blew me away!  In all the online ordering I've done, never have I received a personal email from the seller!  Thank you! I am a first time garlic gardener.  I've read your web site front to back and appreciate all the valuable in site offered.  I'm excited for fall planting.
Thank you again, Gail Brown

from Mitch Hardy, Rowley, MA                                                                5/20/09

Hi Terry, I have been meaning to write ever since last December, when you so graciously offered to supply the Keeper that you hadn't planned to sell.

I have met (via email and the phone) a number of people in the garlic world, but none of them match your character, professionalism, or quality. I am blessed and privileged to have found you.

We planted your garlic as winter came upon us earlier and harder than I’ve ever seen on my coastal Massachusetts farm. We got the last row in just as the blizzard became too heavy to continue, so it wasn’t possible to spread the rye straw we’d set aside for mulch. Fortunately, and uncharacteristically, we had a heavy snow cover all through the hardest, coldest winter ever. Then, sure enough, in March up came the first green shoots. Now, we have a very fine stand of vigorous, healthy garlic plants.

A belated thank you for your generosity and friendly attitude to a procrastinator!  Best wishes for a great season,  Mitch

from Lou Duckworth, Chambersburg, PA                                               5/20/09

"I just had to write and tell you that I am so impressed with the garlic I purchased last fall.  Although I have several weeks to go until it is ready to be harvested, the size and health of the tops is amazing when compared to the garlic I have grown in the past.  Thanks again for offering such a great product."

from Tina Elliott, Durham, ME                                                                5/19/09

Just got your news letter and wanted to tell you how fabulous our garlic is.  We just planted it last year and ours are averaging about 31 inches.  Thank you so much for such a good product.

from Kent Hawk, Acworth, GA                                                               1/09/09
"I finally returned home to find the garlic you mailed.  HOLY COW!!  I have not seen garlic like this!  I'm planting these today in various beds in my back yard in celebration of my birthday this coming Sunday. 
I still can't get over the size.  Are these typical?  Or are these the largest of your crop?  I expected something much smaller.  Also, you sent enough that I'm sending some to my parents.  My dad is excited to plant a few of these cloves as well.  We have fond memories of his father planting garlic for as many years as we can remember.  Grandpa was known for the garlic he planted in his backyard in Oklahoma.  You have contributed to keeping his memories alive.   I'll let you know how my "crop" goes.  Thanks again.  Kent"

from Andy Wasserman, Schooleys Mt, NJ                                            11/29/08

Hi Terri, Hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and peaceful. Thank you for producing such delicious garlic. I've been eating the hardneck variety every day since my order arrived. Your garlic is just perfect as far as I'm concerned.

I'll be ordering from you again in the future. It brings me joy to be able to get it directly from a farmer as committed to excellence as you are.
Stay well and take care, Andy Wasserman

from Jane Burkhouse, Woodburn, OR                                                   11/19/08

I had no idea your garlic would taste so good or I would have ordered at least 5 times as much garlic. 

from Maggie Miles, Hippie Holler Farm, Elliott County, KY                 9/24/08

Terri, Early last fall, I decided to grow organic garlic for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members.  In all my years of organic gardening, I had never grown garlic before so I did some research online.  I got a late start and most companies were already sold out.  But, I found an eBay vendor who let me pick and choose from different varieties. 

A few days after buying from the eBay vendor, I discovered your Hood River Garlic web site.  It was both informative and easy to navigate.  Most of all, I liked the idea of supporting another family-owned organic farming business. 

I immediately placed an order for Chesnok Red (and later, purchased more!) Both the eBay garlic and the Hood River Garlic order arrived on the same day. The difference in quality, size, and cleanliness was stunning!

The eBay vendor’s garlic arrived caked with dirt, wrapped in sheets of old newspaper. The different varieties were labeled with a sloppily written Magic Marker notation.  When I opened the newspaper wrapping, dirt fell out onto my lap.  Most of the bulbs were damaged and brown; all were small.

Next, I opened the Hood River Garlic package. Wow! The garlic bulbs were exquisite. They were huge, immaculately clean, and beautifully packaged. From the moment I opened the package, I could tell what kind of company you are:  you love growing garlic, you care for your customers and the environment, and you conduct business with down-home friendliness and integrity.

Your online “How to Grow Garlic” guide and calendar helped me immensely in growing garlic for the first time. Because your garlic seed was so healthy, my first garlic crop turned out beautifully.

Our Hippie Holler Farm CSA members loved their homegrown garlic this summer, and clamored for more each week. I told them that while I grew the garlic with a lot of TLC, the key was getting really healthy organic seed from Hood River Garlic.

The difference between the eBay vendor’s garlic and your Hood River Garlic was so stunning, I took out my camera that day last fall and took a bunch of photos. Along with my new order, I am attaching the photos for you to see.

Since my first order, I have had the opportunity to talk with Terri by phone.  How many businesses can you pick up the phone and get the owners, who then take the time to answer your questions?

Feel free to use these photos on your web site, etc. You can give me the photo credit, but give yourselves all the credit for growing such beautiful garlic.

Photo by Maggie Miles

You have a loyal customer for life!

Maggie Miles
Hippie Holler Farm
Elliott County, Kentucky

from Michele Haag, Molalla, OR                                                              9/14/08
"As usual your seed garlic is superb and we had a good harvest this year.  I have reordered our two favorites, Oregon Blue and Chesnok Red, and am trying the Italian Red softneck for the first time.  I have been deep in harvest time and canning, our growing season ran very late this year due to the cooler spring, and I almost forgot to order my seed garlic!  Yikes!   By the way, your web site gets better every time I look at it.  The absolute wealth of information has helped me so much in growing, harvesting and using the garlic.  THANK YOU! "

from Jacqueline Brunet, Holyoke, MA                                                   9/06/08
"I received the Garlic Crusher and just *love* it!  Thank you so much!"

from Helen Wong-Joe, Martinez, CA                                                     8/27/08
"I received my garlic today and the way you packaged it is very impressive. Thank you so very much. I now have a place to buy my planting garlic."

from Kim, Evergreen, CO                                                                       8/19/08
"Last Fall a friend gave me a few bulbs he had ordered from you guys. I just harvested the garlic and it is truly the best garlic I have ever had so of course I had to order more for next year!! Thanks, Kim"

from Jean Kennedy, Walton, OR                                                           8/01/08
"I just placed my Third order with you. I am very pleased with my Garlic Harvest this year. Once again! Thank you for Great Seed Garlic! I love it!"

from Jeanette Nolan, Kingston, NY                                                       7/27/08
"Thank you so much!  We are blown away by the crop we're getting this year and didn't want to wait.  We harvested the Susanville and have NEVER grown garlic so big & beautiful before.  We're eagerly waiting to harvest our hardnecks real soon. We're expanding our garden just to grow more garlic next year.  Thank you! Jeanette"

from Jamal Khatib, Des Moines, IA                                                        7/21/08

This email sent from Jamal after receiving his package of culinary garlic.

"Wow Terri, As a Garlic Lover With worldly experiences of many different garlic...Your Garlic is fantastic . the flavors of each kind is sumptuous , i am so satisfied with your selection..i am still comparing flavors i am growing also the german porcelain so thank you Terri again and i will be in touch next week to get more garlic from you...keep up the hard work..i can feel your beautiful energy with each bite.... big thanks from jamal and family."

from Adam Parker, Portland, OR                                                           7/17/08
"Terri, it was so nice talking to you on the phone last year. We followed your instructions and the crop turned out beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to recommend some varieties. We shared some among the neighbors and everyone got good results."

from Ric Johnson, Not Quiet A Farm, Blytheville, AR                             7/15/08
"I am a returning customer because your garlic was the best I got last year, the first year I ordered online, and you were helpful to me in correcting the problems I incurred because the other vendors clearly neither love their garlic or the people that buy it as much as y'all do. My crop from your garlic is healthy, large and sellable (tho' I have to keep it for seed and won't be selling seed this year). Just the opposite with all the others... size matters but so does quality. Anyway, keep up the good (but I know hard) work!  Growing organic garlic is an art too, as I have found from experience." 

from Rhonda Edrington, Foliage Management, College Grove, TN        7/08/08  "Terri, I harvested the last of my garlic on Sunday. They're beautiful! Looking forward to next. Thanks Rhonda"

from Patrick Mann, Durham, NC                                                            6/28/08   "Hi Terri, I am impressed with the amazingly fast reply and the added insight- (to my garlic order)."

from Dick McDougall, Mother Earth Farm, Spokane, WA                       4/07/08  "You guys have a fantastic product and very high quality. We are extremely happy with our tremendously plentiful and really high quality harvest this last season. As long as you have seed, we will be a loyal supportive customer. Many people have enjoyed and savored the bounty from Hood River Garlic's seed and our farm."

from Craig McClung, Anna Ford Farm, Mineral, VA                                3/07/08
"With the last several days in the 60's and 70's and 40's at night the garlic is sprouting great! It looks like every bulb sprouted..."

from Saundra Ruzbasan, Unionville,Connecticut;                                 11/04/07
"As a newcomer to garlic growing I found your web site to be so informative. We purchased a variety of your garlic's for our New England Garden to see what would grow best . I emailed you periodically throughout the growing season and was always so impressed with your timely responses.We grew some local CT garlic and yours. All our friends were so impressed with size and form.         I know I would have won if I entered local fairs. Taste, oh my... I have pickled, bottled with olive oil and now I'm going to dehydrate for garlic powder, thanx to your web site.  P.S. Chopping up scapes and putting with a little water into an ice cube tray is great for marinades, soup, dips etc. (see garlic recipes for Saundra's recipe)"

from Lex, Norwalk, Connecticut;                                                        10/09/07
"You guys have the best seed garlic I have ever seen, bar none and I have ordered from MANY places over the years. I am very interested to see what I harvest next July. I actually received some Chesnok Red from another grower a week ago, a few days after receiving your stock for the first time. Yikes! I was so disappointed with the size and quality of their product compared to yours that I went immediately to my computer and ordered the same amount of Chesnok from you guys. Fuggetaboutit. The competition has been banished to the kitchen as I am out of last year’s crop already.  (I made an awful lot of hot sauce this year.) I vowed then and there to buy all my stock from Hood River every year until you guys retire or the universe ends, whichever comes first."

from Tina Hume, Durham, Maine;                                                     10/27/07
"Your west coast garlic is being planted and enjoyed here in New England.
We have been very pleased with your seed garlic, we have not been able to get better garlic anywhere else."

from Wendy Mahmood, Corinth, Vermont;                                        9/25/07
"Thanks Terri! This year was my first experience with growing garlic and I can't say enough about how helpful your web site was for me! I planted 24 nice cloves and harvested 24 very nice bulbs of garlic, made 2 beautiful braids and I am thrilled. Needless to say, I ordered more! I received the order, it's beautiful and thank you! I'm going to show my neighbor the seed as I offered to order for her, or share your site...she already bought seed. Her bulbs this year were half the size of mine, so I'm hoping once she sees my bulbs and the seed that just arrived, she'll be a Hood River fan too!  Thanks again! Have a great year."

from Jeff Firzlaff, Kent, Ohio;                                                          9/06/07
"I have been growing garlic in my home garden for six years. I have purchased my seed stock locally and on the Internet in years past. I have to say that your garlic is hands down simply the best I have bought ever! The size of the heads and cloves is unbelievable. I suspect my harvest next year will be the best ever!"

from Teri Watson, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania;                                    8/28/07
"Wow, what beautiful garlic you have! I only hope to grow such lovely stuff!"

from Desmond Machuca, SeaTac, Washington;                                    8/24/07
"Thank you for the beautiful order of garlic you sent. What a nice job packaging, and I love your brochure and directions. Thank you for being so “green”! Our residents loved their gift of the two varieties of garlic and we all are anxious to see them sprout in the Spring."

from Loxi Faber, Danville, California;                                                 9/02/07
"I recently received my shipment from you. The bulbs were so beautiful I couldn't wait to get them in the ground. Today is the day. I ripped out (early) everything that was left in my garden because I want to get to work. I was incredibly surprised to see what huge cloves each bulb had to offer. I have been buying garlic to plant for years, but NEVER have I seen such beautiful bulbs. What is the secret?"

from Ruth, Washington;                                                                   10/27/07
The garlic arrived and looks great.  I'm very happy to have found your business and will be sure to buy from you again and recommend you to friends.

from Tom Klatka, Roanoke, Virginia;                                                 9/06/07
"Your garlic seed is wonderful! Last year was the first year we ordered from Hood River. My wife, Ferri, found your web site and we liked the idea of a family-based company. We placed an order, then good weather teamed with your excellent seed garlic produced our best crop ever!!"

from Amanda Lawson, Asheville, North Carolina;                             8/06/07
"I have really appreciated the personal service from ya'll. I live in Asheville, NC and just harvested about 100 heads of organic garlic from seed I got from Hood River Garlic! Delicious! Thanks for doing what you do."

from Elizabeth Barnard, Excelior, Minnesota;                                     7/26/07
"I look forward to enjoying your delicious garlic. We really loved the Susanville we tried last year, and can't wait to try some other varieties."

from Tom K, The Bay Area, California;                                               10/26/07

"It was such a pleasure dealing with you, I will certainly be ordering from you again.   It’s customer service like you provided that make me come back and buy regardless of whether I could find cheaper organic garlic seed elsewhere! I felt like my tiny order was really important to you. Thanks again, I can hardly wait for harvest!"

from Liz O'Connor, Buffalo, New York;                                               7/26/07
"I received my (garlic mincer) order yesterday! Thanks! Even nicer looking than in the photo and the color is great too! It's much larger than I had expected, can't wait to use it! Thank you too for the garlic sample!"

from Beth Deene, Stockton, New Jersey;                                           7/24/07
"I bought some garlic at a farmer's market that had been grown from your garlic seed stock, so I am really excited to grow some of my own. You'll be seeing an order from me soon!"

Jamie Mirabito, Ringoes, New Jersey;                                                6/19/07
"Just wanted to let you know the seed garlic varieties we ordered from you are doing splendidly! Can't wait to harvest and get them to our market customers--big, beautiful, fragrant heads. Yumm! My question is: do you have any recipes for using the garlic scapes? (Click here to find out!) I'd like to sell those too, but have never used them myself. Many thanks and keep up the terrific work."

from Deron and Carin Moore, Texas;                                                 6/12/07
"We at the BlackLand Prairie Family Farm wanted to send you a great big thank you for your help and guidance for our first year of growing garlic in the Texas heat and humidity. I wanted to let you know the crop is a big hit at the farmers market. We had great success many of the bulbs are quite large and overall the crop is in great shape. Our customers love the garlic and are buying as fast as we can dry it and bring it to market. The quality of your seed garlic speaks for it self it was fantastic and provided great results. This year we grew your Red Toch and Susanville. Thank you again and I hope your season is progressing as well as ours."

from Dave Hawley, Minnesota;                                                          9/12/06
"I live in the lower half of Minnesota, what type of seed will flourish best in the climate I live in? You came highly recommended by an acquaintance of mine at the U of M here in Minneapolis. I look forward to purchasing some of your seed for home use."

from Don Womack, Boston, Massachusetts;                                       6/26/06
"I wanted you to know that I just spent the last half hour going through your web site and found it to be impressive and full of good information. I started growing garlic here in Massachusetts about two years ago and have had some pretty good success. This year's crop will prove to me whether I can consistently grow garlic or not!! I've been a gardener for a very long time but had never grown garlic before. Thanks for a very informative web site on growing garlic."

from Richard Tanksley, Atlanta, GA;                                                  10/03/07

"Wahooooo! This has been the  best gift I ever received."

This reply was sent after emailing Rich that his Garlic of The Month was on it's way.

from Tami Gray-Stipe, Milwaukie, Oregon;                                          6/22/06
"You did a fantastic job with your visual calendar by the way. It was one of the most simple and yet detailed pieces of information that I have viewed with regards to the growing of anything. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness."

from Pat and Shellie Ringer, Moxee Wa;                                             3/31/07
Hello this is Pat from Moxee Wa. and I'm excited to say I have 100% of the Garlic coming up........Thanks so much.....Pat and Shellie

Chesnok Red, Siberian, Susanville, and Garlic of the Month Club

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