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Welcome to Hood River Garlic - We are now taking preseason orders for the 2014 garlic planting season. All orders placed now will be shipped in September 2014, after our July 2014 garlic harvest. Please place orders early, the popular garlic varieties sell out very fast. Hood River Garlic has our 12th year of Oregon Tilth Certified Organic garlic planted. We have Soil Amendments ... Handy little packets that will help you grow superior garlic seed of your own! This page was last updated April 8th, 2014.

New garlic plants with fresh snow, March 6th, 2012.

See The Garlic Calendar for tips about planting garlic.

Specializing in garlic seed for planting garlic in your own garden, Hood River Garlic is a certified organic garlic farm located in the beautiful Hood River Valley, Oregon, USA. We take great pride in growing garlic and strive to sell our customers the best organic garlic seed available. Dedicated to environmental sustainability we have always been organic and became Certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth in May, 2002. This is our 10th anniversary being Certified Organic! All Hood River Garlic is grown in The Columbia River Gorge, from U.S. garlic seed stock.

We offer organic Food Garlic to our customers as well as our organic seed garlic. For  garlic grown in the U.S., from U.S. seed.

Visit the on line Hood River Garlic gift store. In addition to our Garlic Gifts, we have added a splendid selection of garlic accessories.

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We are currently growing over 50 garlic varieties of gourmet hardneck and softneck garlic. Hood River Garlic's organic seed garlic is grown with care: from planting garlic to the premium garlic seed boxed up to send to our customers. We hand select our garlic planting stock, plant garlic by hand and mulch by hand. When springtime comes we do all weeding by hand, pop all garlic scapes by hand and harvest garlic by hand. After our garlic is cured, the bulbs are hand cleaned to ensure that the organic garlic seed we send you is perfect.

Please note, due to the increasingly huge popularity of growing garlic, we have brought on some organic garlic growers to help supply you with the best organic seed available. All of the garlic that we sell is grown either by us at Hood River Garlic, or across the valley on the east side of Hood River, or across the Columbia River, in Washington State. All garlic seed stock is still Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, or Certified Organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Our friends in Washington have been growing organic garlic since before Eric ever tilled in our first field. We like to call them our "garlic mentors". They have been certified organic since April, 2002. Our friends in Hood River have been Oregon Tilth Certified Organic since 2010. You will continue to get the same excellent quality garlic that you have always received from us at Hood River Garlic, with even more garlic planting stock varieties to choose from. Thanks.

Our pledge to our customers:

We are proud of our organic seed garlic and organic food garlic. Our garlic seed stock is 100% USDA certified organic and U.S.A. grown. For our July, 2012 harvest we have added a few new varieties to our seed stock selection. See Garlic Planting Stock. These new varieties are USDA, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, and certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and U.S. grown. We have a commitment to our customers and we will never plant any seed stock grown outside the U.S. or non-organic seed stock.

Hood River Garlic is green inside and out! Outside on the farm and inside in the office, we are committed to having a small carbon footprint on our planet. From using only 100% recycled paper in the office, to using recycled wood for fencing around our garlic fields.     See About Us to learn more about the many ways Hood River Garlic is helping to heal the earth- one environmentally friendly step at a time!

From our farms to your garden. .. thank you for buying American grown, organic seed garlic and organic culinary garlic.

May you always have a bountiful harvest and many loved ones to share it with.                                                                                                Terri and Eric Hixson

Grown with pride in the Pacific Northwest

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Our spring planted garlic that we planted in March is already starting to pop out of the ground!

We are now taking preseason orders for the 2014 garlic planting season. All garlic ordered now will be shipped in September, 2014 after our July, 2014 garlic harvest. Please order early for the best selection, as our popular garlic varieties sell out very quickly! We are anticipating to sell out sooner than ever because of the harsh Eastern winter of 2014. So please order early!

Check out our new Soil Amendments for sale! These are handy packets that should be in all of our customers orders! Grow garlic like the pros, with these great Soil Amendments.

Hood River Garlic has 2 new varieties for the 2013 garlic planting season: China Dawn [Turban], Korean Red [Asiatic].

We are now accepting credit cards over the phone! Please call or email your order.


New Garlic scape recipe: Garlic scape pesto!

Please look at our new Garlic Bulbils and Garlic Scapes page and our new easy to navigate FAQ's page. Please read our garlic testimonial page revised on May 23rd. Thanks! Be sure to order early for the best garlic planting stock selection...we have already sold out of many varieties.

Now in stock - 3rd Generation Garlic Twists.

Free shipping on selected garlic accessories and Garlic books! See Garlic Accessory page for details.

We'd like to send out a warm hearted thank you to all of our wonderful customers. We hope to provide you and your family with superior, organic seed garlic and organic culinary garlic in the years to come.

In November, 2007, Hood River Garlic was featured on The Martha Stewart Show!!! We gave Martha Stewart some Hood River Garlic organic seed stock as a gift and Martha planted it in her home garden!!!

This web site is updated daily for variety availability.

New garlic recipes: chicken chili and tomatillo soup.

Sorry we do not ship garlic to Idaho.

Please note: All garlic seed, culinary garlic, garlic accessories and garlic gifts are sold via the internet and shipped. We do not have a store location for pick up. Thanks

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